Did You Know That We Can Move Your Car Too?

We can assist you if you’re planning a move to another state and want your vehicle to follow. At The Moving Center, we offer not only moving services but also auto transport solutions.

With our open-sided auto transport service, we provide cost-efficient and robust car shipping solutions. For those who are looking to ship their cars in a more debris-free manner, we also offer enclosed transport services to our clients.

Door-to-Door Car Transportation

Door-to-door shipping deals include picking up your car from your old place and dropping it off at your new destination. What makes us different is that we offer door-to-door car transportation on both local and interstate levels.

However, before you plan the move, here are a few aspects to remember:

  • Each car carrier is 75 feet long because our drivers need room to turn.
  • You might need to suggest an alternative route if the lanes are narrow or have low-hanging trees.
  • If your new neighborhood doesn’t allow oversized vehicles, you will need to suggest an alternative route.

Terminal-to-Terminal Services

Most of our clients prefer to pick and drop to or from auto shopping terminals due to a flexible drop-off process. Connect with us to discuss the best terminal-to-terminal route for you, and we’ll handle the rest.