Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Moving Companies Charge?

Most moving companies charge based on commercial and residential move, along with the type of move. Usually, interstate and long-distance are more expensive than local ones. However, The Moving Center is one of the most economical moving companies in the country. We aspire to deliver flexible and extraordinary moving services for all our clients.

Are You Licensed?

Yes, we are licensed to move anywhere in the state. We also carry General Liability and Workers comp. We are more than willing to provide proof of insurance to anyone who needs them.

Do You Work on the Weekends?

Yes, we are available all year round because we love to move that much!

What Size of Trucks Do You Use?

We use 26-foot biodiesel trucks for both local and long-distance moving operations.

Can You Help Me Pack and Unpack?

Yes, we would love to help! Whether you want to pack your luggage or sensitive items, our packers are ready to pack and unpack your items whenever they are needed.